Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Marketing Case Study CREAM

The company I chose for my marketing case study was cream. I chose this company because it is one that is close to my hometown in California and because I have been lucky enough to watch it grow and expand. It first opened in 2010 in Berkeley CA. Jimmy and his friends Gus wanted to share their childhood memories of eating their favorite cold treats with all of humanity. They had four goals, 1. To provide premium products 2. Keep costs low 3. Customer happiness 4. Fun and relaxed atmosphere. In terms of a SWAT analysis it includes

  1. Affordable ($1.50 per ice-cream sandwhich)
  2. Fun and relaxed atmosphere (every time I have gone the employees are always happy and singing and dancing and making it a fun experience for the customers)
  3. Have many locations ( mostly in California & Florida)
  4. Cater
  5. Variety of options (flavors and cookies)
  6. Fresh products (cookies are always warm straight out of oven)

  1. Parking (Berkeley/ first location hard to find spots)
  2. Ice cream melts fast (can’t transport very well)
  3. Are only in California, Florida and
  1. Expand to other states
    This may be a problem as the product being sold is very cold and mostly enjoyed/ has better business in warmer states like Florida and various locations California where they are currently located
  1. Other ice cream shops 
    Though they have a nice twist on the way ice cream is served (in a cookie sandwich as opposed to the classic cup or waffle cone option) they are still in competition with these other stores.

    In regards to the relevance this has to marketing I believe Cream has been successful primarily because of word of mouth. They also have four main marketing platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and snapchat. They offer a rewards program in a point system where 10pts can be redeemed for a free ice cream sandwich, you get exclusive invites and offers, and you earn 2 points for signing up. Also they call getting an ice cream sandwich at cream an "experience" they want to offer a childhood memory not just a cold treat. 

    If I was the marketing manager of this company I would promote our product more on Instagram and Facebook I would also host events to try and spread the word that we have cheap and tasty products. Currently I like how they are positioning themselves being on most media platforms however i believe that way more could be done.

    In terms of the value proposition I believe it is an easy, fun and affordable cold treat that anyone will enjoy. They offer handcrafted ice cream sandwiches and cookies like no other ice cream shop. "cookies rule everything around me" Cream brings people together

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