Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Marketing Case Study CREAM

The company I chose for my marketing case study was cream. I chose this company because it is one that is close to my hometown in California and because I have been lucky enough to watch it grow and expand. It first opened in 2010 in Berkeley CA. Jimmy and his friends Gus wanted to share their childhood memories of eating their favorite cold treats with all of humanity. They had four goals, 1. To provide premium products 2. Keep costs low 3. Customer happiness 4. Fun and relaxed atmosphere. In terms of a SWAT analysis it includes

  1. Affordable ($1.50 per ice-cream sandwhich)
  2. Fun and relaxed atmosphere (every time I have gone the employees are always happy and singing and dancing and making it a fun experience for the customers)
  3. Have many locations ( mostly in California & Florida)
  4. Cater
  5. Variety of options (flavors and cookies)
  6. Fresh products (cookies are always warm straight out of oven)

  1. Parking (Berkeley/ first location hard to find spots)
  2. Ice cream melts fast (can’t transport very well)
  3. Are only in California, Florida and
  1. Expand to other states
    This may be a problem as the product being sold is very cold and mostly enjoyed/ has better business in warmer states like Florida and various locations California where they are currently located
  1. Other ice cream shops 
    Though they have a nice twist on the way ice cream is served (in a cookie sandwich as opposed to the classic cup or waffle cone option) they are still in competition with these other stores.

    In regards to the relevance this has to marketing I believe Cream has been successful primarily because of word of mouth. They also have four main marketing platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and snapchat. They offer a rewards program in a point system where 10pts can be redeemed for a free ice cream sandwich, you get exclusive invites and offers, and you earn 2 points for signing up. Also they call getting an ice cream sandwich at cream an "experience" they want to offer a childhood memory not just a cold treat. 

    If I was the marketing manager of this company I would promote our product more on Instagram and Facebook I would also host events to try and spread the word that we have cheap and tasty products. Currently I like how they are positioning themselves being on most media platforms however i believe that way more could be done.

    In terms of the value proposition I believe it is an easy, fun and affordable cold treat that anyone will enjoy. They offer handcrafted ice cream sandwiches and cookies like no other ice cream shop. "cookies rule everything around me" Cream brings people together

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Listening- Week 5 Post


         Barkbox is a monthly or annual subscription that provides dogs with a box filled with toys and treats every month. Each box has a surprise theme for example County fair bark box. In terms of marketing they post pictures and videos via Facebook, of past subscriber pups opening their boxes and getting in to all the toys and treats. In addition they offer promotions for discounts such as your first bark box is only $5 and $20 a month for the remainder of the plan. The main are they market if on Facebook . They currently have 1.6k shares and 1.1 m views on a post I saw earlier today.  In terms of techniques include being responsive and engaging. They respond to all questions left on their posts and even leave comments. People are also able to post pictures of their dogs and give feedback of their experiences with Barkbox. They build relationships with customers, they include tons of photos, create lots of interaction. Some things they could work on to improve their marketing could include expanding to Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and other free to uses social media accounts if they haven't already done so.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 2 assignment

     The company/ service I chose is Treehouse. This program and website allows and gives anybody the opportunity to learn code. For my marketing Internship with Sumo Logic I had the opportunity to use this program myself. The value propositions for this program included cheap, affordable and easy as well as highly interactive ways to learn code. The program contains interactive quizzes to really help the user learn and utilize the product to the best of their ability. One of their marketing strategies is sharing the success stories of the people who used this program and went on to creating websites and other computer programs. A couple things people were saying about this program via ins tram were things like "You guys are great :)" (samyanez) and " I am looking forward to start that SQL course soon. Thanks" (santihbc) and these are just a few. Treehouse found a niche in helping people who are interesting in technology and learning code and web and other types of programs do it in both an easy and affordable way. As a brand manager I would say I love the way they market the brand in a way thats exciting and fun for people. I also am very fond of the way they are responsive to the comments on these posts in terms of answering any questions. They are making themselves more personable with their customers and showing that they care about their customers. They also share the stories of their customers and the small and large successes that they have accomplish by using the program.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

                                                                         Week 1

Topic 1- Who's who in BA223- Principles of marketing this term

I am a marketing major at Oregon State University. I have met and connected with other marketing people and from what I have taken away from talking with them is marketing sounds like something I would love and be good at doing. I chose to take this course because marketing is something I am very interested in and have been for awhile.
I am very interesting about learning the different kinds of marketing techniques used and how certain ones work better for certain companies. In addition to learning how marketing and sales go hand in hand and how both have to work together.
I got into business because both my parents are business people. My dad works for a large data center company as a sales agent, his biggest client right now is Oracle. He has given me a lot of advice and we talk about business all the time.
Some activities I do in my free time include hiking with my dogs, working on my internship at Sumo logic in addition to working at a sushi restaurant.